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Paver Sealing | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

Pavers are a popular choice for outdoor surfaces such as patios, driveways, and walkways. These materials are porous, which means that they can absorb liquids and stains, such as oil and grease, that can damage the appearance of your pavers. Sealing the pavers creates a barrier between the paver surface and these harmful substances, protecting your pavers from discoloration and damage.

Sealing your pavers can also help to preserve their color and appearance, as over time pavers can fade and become discolored from exposure to the sun, rain, and other environmental factors. By sealing your pavers, you can help to protect them from this type of damage, keeping your pavers looking like new for years to come.

Here are 5 reasons to get your pavers sealed.

1. Stain Protection

Paver Sealing | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

Maintaining your pavers with a biannual wash and paver sealing service is a lot like brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste in the morning and evening. The practice washes away impurities and then applies a protective barrier that gives your pavers additional resistance against substances that can stain and deteriorate the surface.

Unsealed pavers absorb liquid through their pores, allowing spills to seep in and remain there. Most stains have acidic qualities that slowly break down the substrate. So the longer they sit, the more permanent damage they cause!

Although you could hire a company like Southeast Pressure Cleaning that provides stain removal services every time you spill coffee, wine, or fertilizer, that would be even more expensive than a simple wash and seal maintenance service.

Preventative measures far outweigh the cost of constant upkeep. 

When we seal your pavers, we fill the pores in with polymers, which prevents stains from embedding into the tiles. In a few years, as the sealer wears away, we will apply a fresh coat of sealer.

Paver sealing will strengthen the protective qualities of the sealer as they fill the porous substrate more and more, penetrating deep into the material.

2. Less Yard Work

Paver Sealing | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

Nobody enjoys pulling weeds, and weed killers can stain unsealed pavers. So what is a homeowner to do?

Plants will survive in every crack they can find. And in between every paver is a joint filled with a sandy oasis for a stray seed.

But when we seal your pavers, our water-based sealer will render the sand rock hard. Most plants will find it very difficult to grow on a surface that doesn’t allow it to send down roots.

Besides reducing the weed population, paver sealing provides you with more freedom to use most weed killers without worry.

3. Easy Cleanup

paver sealing service | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

After a long day of outdoor chores, you’ll have dirt and debris to wash up. The good news is, if you have sealed pavers, a garden hose and (maybe) some mild soap is all you’ll need to make your pavers bright again.

But if your driveway or patio is unsealed, soiled pavers can remain discolored no matter how much you scrub. And steer clear of commercial cleaners at the hardware store that can damage the substrate!

The only way to resolve this problem is through power washing or pressure washing. Southeast Pressure Cleaning uses an industrial strength rotary surface cleaner to flush the porous surface of pavers gently and effectively.

But do you really want to go through that every time you make a mess? No way!

That’s why we seal your pavers with a two part professional grade water based sealer. 

4. Shields From the Elements

Paver Sealing Service | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

Here in Florida, Mother Nature is brutal. She will rain, hail, and throw all the wind she has at you. Then, when she’s feeling generous, she beats you down with heat and scorching sunshine.

When the weather is too extreme, you can run inside where it’s dry and cool, but your pavers can’t. UV rays from the sun deteriorate, water and wind erode, and hail smashes into whatever it wants to. Together, they make one mean team of destruction on your property.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your driveway, patio, or pool deck, and you don’t have to if you seal your pavers. 

5. Algae & Mold Inhibitor

Stone Sealing Service | Southeast Pressure Cleaning

If you live in Vero Beach or Port St Lucie and all of the surrounding areas, it’s a hot, moist, tropical environment causes pavers to become the perfect breeding grounds for microorganisms. In fact, one of the most common concerns expressed by our customers is the mold, mildew, and algae living on their property.

But when you seal your pavers, they dry much faster, greatly reducing algae and mold growth. While nothing can completely eliminate the mold from returning, sealed pavers help prevent mold from reaching deep into the stones making cleanup much easier and more efficient.

Learn more about the paver sealing process we use here.

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